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Tired of standard packages of holidays?

logo_2Tired of standard packages of holidays? Tired of running around from one destination to another to catch up with a grueling itinerary? You can hardly call that a Inbound_12-beachHoliday. You don’t relax. Half the time you’d be in a bus, and when you reach a ‘tourist point’ you don’t have time for a photograph. Is that a holiday? No way.

That’s why JMJ Holidays was initiated in the first place to provide with customized holiday packages to God’s own country, Kerala. One of the most beautiful places in the world, this is a place to be seen and travelled at a pace that you can soak in all the beauty and everything the state has to offer. But there are individual preferences. Some people may not like beaches, some people may not like non-veg food, some people may not like a hill station. No problem. The people at JMJ Holidays first have a chat with you and understand your likes, dislikes, needs, habits and then tailor-make a package that fits your needs.

You can set your pace, you can choose what to do, where to go, and even what to eat. Such is the customization that you would enjoy the experience fully.