JMJ Logistics Pvt. Ltd.


the leading express cargo services

logo_1JMJ Logistics is one of the leading express cargo services in India catering exclusively to the companies in oil field sector.


Our logistical experience in India gives us unequalled understanding of the prevailing logistical bottlenecks, distinctive regulations, infrastructure, octroi& sales tax clearances, and customs in India. We have in-depth knowledge, wide-spreadrelationships, strong resources, personnel and high reputation for Oil Field Services logistics solutions.

Our Customer Support department offers the best Logistical solutions to our Clients.
We provide logistics, trucking and transportation solutions, design and execution of projects. We strive to provide unsurpassed competitiveness with dedication to serve the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and providing innovative solutions to the changing logistics requirements of these industries. That’s why our esteemed clients rely on us to competitively manage their logistical requirements, so they can concentrate on their own areas of expertise. The result is a mutually beneficial proposition.

Our main features

  • Pick up and delivery 24 hours
  • Working 365 days in a year
  • Delivery from 5 hrs. to 24 hours depending on the place and flight availability
  • Delivery through chopper or boat.
  • We send electronic items and chemicals
  • We send persons alongwith VV important parcels
  • We send 22 foot long tools and heavy items
  • Packing anytime (Wooden box)
  • We do Octroi and sales tax clearance
  • Less risk, because less use of road transportation